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In addition, it will allow us to evaluate the current image of the company and will give the opportunity to refresh its brand identity without lose.

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In a few sentences, describe what is the purpose for the creation of the page. This response allows us to optimise the paths for the corresponding clients (e.g. those who bought a product, downloaded the directory, checked the opening hours, etc.). Based on the responses, we will be able to advise you on what information should definitely be posted in order for your marketing goals to be achieved.

You can sample answers:
- I want to sell more goods online
- I want to show the company's image as a reliable partner
- I want to present clearly offer my company, etc.
Who is the website targeted at? *

For example, farmers holding large farms, mainly orchards,
  young mothers with large cities.

PS: All Polish people - is not a specified audience :-)
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Examples of objectives: register on the site, buy the products from the e-store, contact the dealers in the company, send valuations / inquiries to identify prospective companies, download the product catalogue, check the credibility of the company, etc.
What do you dislike about your current site?
What is it missing?
What elements would you certainly not want on your new website and why?

For example:
- I don't like the look  - it is outdated and not compatible with my current marketing goal.
- action function,
- website statistics are too low,
- it is difficult to update - the content does not work properly on mobile devices
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What's going on in your business?
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These details will allow us to better understand your Industry, and thus better carry out the task entrusted to us. As a result, we will be able to design the website so that you hit the right information, or made on the specific actions.
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As a result, we will be able to give that personal touch to your website so as to highlight the value that it should bring to the customers.
Describe what makes your company stand out from the competition in the industry? *

This knowledge will help us to enhance the company's competitive advantages - the more you point out, the better.

For example:
- We have high quality products thanks to investments in new production line.
- We always work within a fixed time and our service responds immediately to requests.
- We have customers throughout Europe.

P.S.: "Personal Service" is something everyone provides now. Your company definitely stands out thanks to something that gives your competition sleepless nights :-)
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Will the site need to include other language versions? If so, what?

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Keep in mind that the completion of a project within a limited period of time (express) may entail additional cost.

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What is responsive design?
This is the new approach to the design and implementation of pages. According to his idea, the page should automatically adjust its look to the screen size of the device on which it is opened. This approach makes it ready for the new challenges and new equipment in the future. The benefits it brings: saving time (one content that works everywhere), saving money (keep only one side and not a few examples. - just, higher efficiency, better positioning (SEO) , simpler management, additional channels to reach new customers.

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We will work as partners, hire you as an expert, after all, not a tool.
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